Our History

The AWARD trust was started in 28.12.1995. It was registered under Indian Trust Act. Having burden about disabled persons to concern their lives showing them, a sparkling future to stand firm with their hidden abilities. The Award Trust was founded by Mr. D. Benjamin , who has the burden to shoot the drastic life of differently abled persons and has a heart to help care and support them. For the past 20 years the AWARD trust rendered its activities to the poor disabled persons in various ways to fulfill their needs through government authorities.

To reach out to mentally challenged abandoned children, who are in need of care and protection.

That all mentally challenged children will be safe and enjoy equal opportunities.

Mr. D. Benjamin, Correspondent

Our Motto

Our motto is to bring up the helpless disabled persons from the darkness to the extreme light, by this AWARD Trust. Especially to pick up the unconcerned, neglected mentally retarded children from their homes to the cared and lovable place as a special school.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help the helpless mentally retarded persons by providing food, shelter, care, love and special education. In most of the families, the mentally retarded children are neglected by the parents. In many families they do not have patience to treat the children with love and care. In some families the father rejects the mentally retarded child, so the mother also took little care of the child. In few families the husbands get divorce from the wife because of these children.

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